Monat: August 2022

Hannah Arendt – Freiheit neu denken

Abstract [en]: In his essay "Hannah Arendt: Re-thinking freedom", Dr Bruno Heidlberger shows how the philospher's analyses are as topical as ever. Today, thinking about Arendt's conception of the political is not possible without reference to the 24th February 2022, as it goes to the heart of Hannah Arendt's political...

/ 30. August 2022

Kultursensible Führung in Non-Profit-Organisationen

Abstract [en]: This paper is about culture-sensitive leadership in non-profit organizations with special focus on the German children and youth welfare system. The underlying research question investigates the personal traits, competencies and abilities that team leaders of that sector need in dealing with employees which do not have the same...

/ 17. August 2022

Kooperation in Unternehmen und Organisationen

Abstract [en]: In many cases, the starting point of today’s global devastating crises is the failure of individuals or groups because of egoistic behaviour patterns and the loss of mutual trust. In the context of companies and organizations, an answer to this self-perpetuating system is the promotion of cooperation among...

/ 8. August 2022