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Die Autorinnen und Autoren eines IfS Essays beschreiben, kommentieren oder bewerten kurz und bündig ein Thema oder eine aktuelle Fragestellung. Daher steht die freie, auf den Punkt gebrachte Auseinandersetzung hier im Vordergrund.


Unternehmerische Kreativität als Treibstoff der sozialen Marktwirtschaft

In einer Zeit mit erheblichem Sprengstoff aus sozialer Ungleichheit stoßen die Impulse von Karl Marx erneut auf öffentliche Aufmerksamkeit. Er kann sicher nicht für alle Fehlentwicklungen des Marxismus im 20. Jahrhundert verantwortlich gemacht werden, aber die Auseinandersetzung mit seinen Ideen lohnt sich bis heute. Februar 2019 Unternehmerische Kreativität als Treibstoff...

/ 28. Februar 2019

Vom Eigentum 3.0

Abstract [en]: Globalization and Digitalization intensify conflicts over resources and participation. In a world increasingly experienced as finite, the concept of property changes its character. The concept of property, based on the idea that one can attach value to everything in euros, dollars or yuan, is losing its appeal, especially...

/ 24. Januar 2019

Wiedergelesen: „Zehn Gebote für Unternehmer“ (2006)

Abstract [en]: People look for orientation, especially in times of great uncertainty. For example, the digital revolution creates many fears and uncertainties for people in general and especially for entrepreneurs. In this context, the format of the “ Ten Commandments" is a bestseller, a still unsurpassed orientation mark. Because of...

/ 13. Dezember 2018

Gesundheit, Eigentum und Digitalisierung in der Medizin. Überlegungen zu einem neuen Gesundheitsdateneigentumsbegriff

Abstract [en]: The digitalization in the medical structure is ruled by the e-health law and DSGVO. The focus from society towards the affect their data may have changes solid CV’s, questions social agreements and ends up in legal dilemma. Contemporaneous powerful value chains are brought up around the new recourse...

/ 15. November 2018

Digitale Transformation in der Sozialen Arbeit am Beispiel des Betreuten Wohnens

Abstract [en]: In assisted living establishments handicapped persons, adolescents and elderly people are taken care of. With regard of their personal questions they are represented by custodians. Hence, they literally often have no direct decision-making authority. The social care system must be financed and economical questions have to be addressed....

/ 29. Mai 2018

Transnational agierende globale Zivilgesellschaft. Messbarkeit, Indizes und ihre Grenzen

Abstract [en]: Measuring civil society is a challenge, but is done nevertheless over and over again, e.g. to judge the democracy of a country. But for this civil society is always conceptualized as something national. Facing the importance of a global civil society and its transnational character, as shown here...


BitCoins sind digitale Waren und keine Währung

Abstract [en] BitCoins and other cryptocurrencies are not real currencies but digitally generated goods whose artificial shortage generates price increases that are then are measured and paid out in real currencies. Those who pay with BitCoins or others do barter businesses, make exchange of goods only. For daily life central...

/ 19. März 2018

El arte como fenómeno político: una mirada a la obra de Ai WeiWei

Abstract [en] This article analyzes art as a political phenomenon, and how this form of expression has the power to affect people’s perceptions of the speech, the power of the media and activism. In order to achieve this, the research will focus on Ai WeiWei’s work. The purpose of this...

/ 26. Februar 2018

Grenzen als Orte der Verbindung – der Einfluss breit zugänglicher Infrastruktur

Abstract [en] Borders are places of exchanges but of separation, too. In many cases the perspective in media or from far away shows a different picture of the situation at a specific border, than you can experience at the border itself. This will be shown and discussed here looking at...

/ 26. Februar 2018

Bitcoin or the environment: you choose

Abstract [en] People are turning their attention towards digitization: whether it is artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, big data or industry 4.0, the world as we know it is digitally transforming itself. In spite of that, the impact on the environment of such a transformation is a topic seldom...

/ 19. Dezember 2017