Award 2023

For the year 2023, the Institute of Social Strategy (Institut für Sozialstrategie, IfS), for the first time, invites submissions for their award in recognition of the most innovative contributions to the topic of “Factors for successful civil society in a conflict-ridden and multi-polar world”. The award aims to contribute to strengthening dialogue about the strategic set-up and development of global civil society.

The Institute of Social Strategy was founded in 2009 as an independent think tankand dedicates itself to practical and solution-oriented research into global civil society. The IfS conceptualises global civil society as all people and institutions, who are not actors of the state or organised crime. The IfS acts as mediator between the spheres of economy, politics, and society and champions active participation in the process of globalisation at the level of civil society.

The prize is endowed with €500 and will be awarded every two years. This call is open to all civil society actors, in particular individual persons irrespective of their nationality or place of residence, but also to NGOs and organisations. This is an inclusive award and as such does not carry any age restrictions. Members of the IfS team are excluded from participation.

The winning contribution will be published on the Institute of Social Strategy Website and on our social media channels. It should aim at describing innovative action in a given local, regional or global civil society context.

Submissions (length of ca. 20,000 to maximum of 30,000 characters incl. spaces) can be made until 30th April 2023 via email at We accept texts in the following languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian.