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Das IfS sieht Religionen und auch Spiritualität als prägenden Einfluss auf die Weltdeutung und das Lebensgefühl der meisten Menschen weltweit. Auch deshalb steht der Austausch darüber, der Dialog, in diesem Forschungsbereich im Zentrum.


Wie gelingt gutes Zusammenleben der Religionen?

Abstract [en]: How can we achieve a good co-existence of religions? This issue is highly important, also in view of religious conflicts in some parts of the world. A religious community in a democratic society, as a matter of fact, could strongly support human rights minimum standards and ask for...

/ 31. März 2022
Christliche Soziallehre

Ist die Christliche Soziallehre in einer digitalen Welt zukunftsfähig?

Abstract [de]: Die ungeheuer schnelle Veränderung aller Lebensverhältnisse im Zug der digitalen Transformation stellt uns vor die Frage nach der Zukunftsfähigkeit der Christlichen Soziallehre. Denn der Verlust von Relevanz und Plausibilität christlicher Sinnangebote in Europa betrifft ja nicht nur religiöse Überzeugungen und die geringer werdende Teilhabe an liturgischen Angeboten, sondern...

/ 21. März 2022


Abstract [en]: The discussion about the levying of church tax in Germany has been subject of constitutional, canonical, systematic and practical theological discourse since its institution over a hundred years ago. Even outside the academic debate, questions of church financing (church tax, state benefits and public subsidies) are part of...


Wie das Evangelium im Zeitalter der Wissensarbeit eine neue Chance bekommt

Abstract [en]: In the future, work will mainly be work on the human being and work with knowledge between humans. Productivity, here, will depend on co-operation, mental health, values, and culture. Thereby, faith returns to be the focal point of societal development, but it also has repercussions for the churches....

/ 4. März 2021

Der Codex Iuris Canonici als Grundlage für ein Risikomanagementsystem und Compliance Management System in der Katholischen Kirche

Abstract [en]: In view of financial scandals like that of the Diocese Limburg there is a question to be asked about managerial monitoring systems in the Catholic Church, such as risk management or compliance management systems. Alexander Hanke highlights the importance of these systems and focuses on the hitherto unexplored question...

/ 27. Oktober 2020

The promise of a global ethic in the Brazilian contexto

Abstract [en]: This article intends to confront the main principles in the global ethic project and the current data about social performance in Brazil, analysing the possible solutions for social challenges in the country by considering the premises of a global ethic philosophy. Based on the postulate of the golden...

/ 11. August 2020

Lernimpulse aus der Bundeswehr

Abstract [en]: The German Federal Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) and the German Catholic church both are large scale institutions who as such have some similtarities despite their very different tasks and goals. One similarity is the challenge to acquire and keep the right staff; another is adapting to their changing environment....


Interreligiöse Kompetenz

PRESSEMITTEILUNG: Juni 2017 Juni 2017 Interreligiöse Kompetenz Interdisziplinäre Fachtagung am 29. und 30. Juni im Weltethos-Institut in Tübingen Moderne Gesellschaften brauchen soziale Kohäsion, auch im Zusammenleben der Religionen. Die Aufgabe ist für alle gleich: Wie gehen wir trotz verschiedener Auffassungen miteinander um? Ein solcher Umgang erfordert Kenntnis und Verständnis anderer...

/ 23. Juni 2018

Die Papst Franziskus Formel. Ein neuer Zugang zum Dritten Weg der Katholischen Soziallehre

Abstract [en]: Since many years in Argentina Pope Francis has developed and successfully used his very personal method to build up a people. As does Catholic Social Teaching he embraces a middle path between the ideologies and inserts the positive elements into a third way approach. His specific bipolar opposites...

/ 30. April 2018

Repression im Zeichen der „Toleranz“

Abstract [en]: The aggressive demand for tolerance is less and less a procedural rule on how to deal with disagreements with each other, rather than a commandment, which one has to tolerate / accept by giving their own positions. "Tolerance" has become a fighting notion of the "progressive" versus the...

/ 30. April 2018