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Der Forschungsbereich Globale Zivilgesellschaft ist Herzstück des IfS. Es geht um die zentrale Frage, in welcher Gesellschaft wir zusammen leben wollen. Denn unter Globale Zivilgesellschaft versteht das IfS: Alle Menschen und Organisationen, soweit sie nicht Akteure des Staates oder des organisierten Verbrechens sind. Dieses breite Verständnis spiegelt sich in den Beiträgen wider.

Interviews zu Corona

Interviews zu Corona: Globale Perspektiven in der Pandemie

Emina Labeau führte im Spätsommer 2021 Interviews zu Corona mit Personen in Bolivien, Peru und Deutschland. Februar 2022 Interviews zu Corona: Globale Perspektiven in der Pandemie - Perspectivas globales en la pandemia Wie hat sich dein Alltag mit Beginn der Corona-Pandemie verändert? Como ha cambiado la pandemia tu vida cortidiana?Was hat...

/ 9. Februar 2022

Corona-Folgen auf der Laichinger Alb

Abstract [en]: How has life changed on the Laichinger Alb during the Covid-19 pandemic? This question was the focus of the explorative study, which was carried out in cooperation between the Laichinger Alb Foundation and the IfS. Beyond describing the study structure and objectives, the focus of this research report...

/ 24. Januar 2022
Hannah Arendt

Wie aktuell ist Hannah Arendt?

Abstract [en]: Hannah Arendt (1906-1975) has long since gone from being a controversial thinker to a classic of modern political theory - a theory that drew on the experiences of flight and statelessness and at the same time anticipated central phenomena of the 21st century. There are many lines that...

/ 24. September 2021

Amerika schaut in einen Spiegel

Abstract [en]: The rise of Donald Trump and the Capitol attack of 2021 can only be understood as the endpoint of a political development that began in 1968 and has dominated the media and culture over the past 30 years, according to Bruno Heidlberger's thesis. They are, so Heidlberger, a...

/ 17. Mai 2021

Die WerteAkademie – ein Akteur der Globalen Zivilgesellschaft

Abstract [en]: Who is part of civil society? In conversation with Vera Hofmann we portray the association WerteAkademie Gut Gödelitz as an actor of global civil society. The conversation focuses on the association's founding history, its aims, work and challenges for the future. Abstract [de]: Wer gehört eigentlich zur Zivilgesellschaft? In dem Gespräch...

/ 11. Februar 2021

Gefühlte Gerechtigkeit

Abstract [en]: What is understood by ‘justice’ is no only subject to socio-historical conditions, but also includes in central position the question of subjective feelings about and evaluations of ‘justice’. With the help of the distinction between four kinds of ‘justice’ – equality of opportunity, along performance, along needs or...

/ 23. November 2020

Verfassungsgerichte als politische Akteure im juristischen Gewand

Abstract [en]: After the election of conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court as the successor of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg shortly before the American presidential elections, this paper raises the question of the extent to which courts can be politically "neutral". The question of role, function and legitimacy of constitutional courts arises...

/ 28. Oktober 2020
konservative revolution

Das Erbe von 1968 und die Konservative Revolution

Wohin geht unsere offene Gesellschaft? Abstract [en]: This talk tackles the crisis of the normative project of the West and the topicality of an illiberal world view that is ‘similar to national socialism’, as we are reminded by historian Fritz Stern. [1] We are experiencing a societal “rollback” that shows...

/ 5. Oktober 2020

Verschwörungsideologien als Symptom und Katalysator autoritärer Tendenz der Gesamtgesellschaft

Abstract [en]: In the second part of his publication, Bruno Heidlberger analyses – against the back-ground of the Covid-19 crisis – the features of conspiracy theories, their causes, functions, and psychological stabilising functions. He understands conspiracy ideologies as well as reactionist nationalism in line with a dialectic of enlightenment as...

/ 7. August 2020

Fluchten ins Autoritäre im Lichte aktueller Entwicklungen

Abstract [en]: In early March, Covid-19 had a tight grip on us. The world was standing still. The stock markets plummeted. Once the state of shock and lockdown eased, topics soon encompassed more than the daily reports of the RKI. Bruno Heidlberger analysises and discusses the debate that followed and which focused on an...

/ 20. Juli 2020