nach der Corona-Krise

Warum es nach der Corona-Krise um den Menschen hinter der Technik geht

Abstract [en]: Even before Covid the economy has been unstable. The virus only sparked a crisis that would have arrived anyway. This is because it has been long since machines took over the material work and since computers/AI took over the structured knowledge-based work such as robotic controls, data analysis...

/ 11. März 2021

Wie das Evangelium im Zeitalter der Wissensarbeit eine neue Chance bekommt

Abstract [en]: In the future, work will mainly be work on the human being and work with knowledge between humans. Productivity, here, will depend on co-operation, mental health, values, and culture. Thereby, faith returns to be the focal point of societal development, but it also has repercussions for the churches....

/ 4. März 2021

Gutes Handeln und gute Geschäfte

Ulrich Hemel zum Buch von Klaus Leisinger (2020): Integrität im geschäftlichen Handeln. Basel: Friedrich Reinhardt. Gutes Handeln und gute Geschäfte get pdf: Gutes Handeln und gute Geschäfte Leisinger, Klaus (2020): Integrität im geschäftlichen Handeln. Basel [u.a.]: Friedrich Reinhardt, 432 Seiten. Klaus Leisinger hat sich in der wirtschaftsethischen Szene nicht zuletzt...

/ 18. Februar 2021

Die WerteAkademie – ein Akteur der Globalen Zivilgesellschaft

Abstract [en]: Who is part of civil society? In conversation with Vera Hofmann we portray the association WerteAkademie Gut Gödelitz as an actor of global civil society. The conversation focuses on the association's founding history, its aims, work and challenges for the future. Abstract [de]: Wer gehört eigentlich zur Zivilgesellschaft? In dem Gespräch...

/ 11. Februar 2021
Künstliche Intelligenz

KI: Schöne neue Welt oder Gefahr für die Demokratie?

Abstract [en]: Opportunities and risks of the technological possibilities, which are termed artificial intelligence (AI), arouse not only interest and enthusiasm, but also uncertainty and fears. AI is perceived not only as a technical support and assistance system, but also as a competitor to human intelligence. People fear that they...

/ 11. Februar 2021
Konservative Revolution

Rezension: Christoph Becker, Ralf Fücks (Hrsg.): Das alte Denken der Neuen Rechten: Die langen Linien der antiliberalen Revolte. Wochenschau Verlag (Frankfurt am Main) 2020.

Dr. Bruno Heidlberger setzt sich ausführlich mit dem Sammelband von Ralf Fücks und Christoph Becker auseinander, welches im Kontext des Projekts Gegneranalyse steht. Thema des Buches ist die kritische Auseinandersetzung mit den historischen Vorbildern der heutigen antiliberalen Revolte gegen das Projekt der westlichen Moderne.  Anmerkungen zu Ralf Fücks/Christoph Becker: „Das...

/ 8. Januar 2021
rassismus gegenüber Indigenen

Rassismus gegenüber Indigenen

Abstract [en]: Indigeneity serves and served again and again for ‘othering’ others, to turn people into the 'exotic' others and thereby devalue them. This is the core of racism against indigenous that is far too often overlooked. Such racism shows itself behind very different developments and discourses, and not only...

/ 27. November 2020

Gefühlte Gerechtigkeit

Abstract [en]: What is understood by ‘justice’ is no only subject to socio-historical conditions, but also includes in central position the question of subjective feelings about and evaluations of ‘justice’. With the help of the distinction between four kinds of ‘justice’ – equality of opportunity, along performance, along needs or...

/ 23. November 2020

Auf dem Weg zu einer inklusiven globalen Zivilgesellschaft

Abstract [en]: This critical analysis of Pope Francis' encyclical Fratelli Tutti discuss the – on some points superficial – criticism of the globalised economic and financial system. In contrast, the author Ulrich Hemel emphasizes the vision of good living together formulated in the encyclical, which considers in particular persons who are hurt...

/ 9. November 2020

Verfassungsgerichte als politische Akteure im juristischen Gewand

Abstract [en]: After the election of conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court as the successor of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg shortly before the American presidential elections, this paper raises the question of the extent to which courts can be politically "neutral". The question of role, function and legitimacy of constitutional courts arises...

/ 28. Oktober 2020