the fearless organization

the fearless organization

Abstract [en]: The article provides a critical view of the book by Amy C. Edmondson. The analysis includes a description of the conceptual understanding of a "fearless organisation", a consideration of narrated real-life example situations with regard to the provability of the views as well as explanations for the understanding...

/ 2. Dezember 2021
Hannah Arendt

Wie aktuell ist Hannah Arendt?

Abstract [en]: Hannah Arendt (1906-1975) has long since gone from being a controversial thinker to a classic of modern political theory - a theory that drew on the experiences of flight and statelessness and at the same time anticipated central phenomena of the 21st century. There are many lines that...

/ 24. September 2021

Das Menschenbild in Zeiten digital-globaler Wirtschaft

Abstract [en]: Digitalization and Globalization mean an extensive transformation of Economy and Society. In order not to harm a plenty of human field damage we need a clear idea of man to cope with all of us. In this contribution the author firstly deepens the question why we need an...

/ 12. August 2021


Abstract [en]: The discussion about the levying of church tax in Germany has been subject of constitutional, canonical, systematic and practical theological discourse since its institution over a hundred years ago. Even outside the academic debate, questions of church financing (church tax, state benefits and public subsidies) are part of...


Das Lieferkettengesetz – Richtungswechsel oder Feigenblatt?

Abstract [en]: Our world is not in good condition! Despite a good portion of hope and against the background of groundbreaking technologies, looking to the future and is associated with pressing doubts and a variety of uncertainties. In the struggle for a livable common future, we are running out of...

/ 17. Juni 2021

Amerika schaut in einen Spiegel

Abstract [en]: The rise of Donald Trump and the Capitol attack of 2021 can only be understood as the endpoint of a political development that began in 1968 and has dominated the media and culture over the past 30 years, according to Bruno Heidlberger's thesis. They are, so Heidlberger, a...

/ 17. Mai 2021
nach der Corona-Krise

Warum es nach der Corona-Krise um den Menschen hinter der Technik geht

Abstract [en]: Even before Covid the economy has been unstable. The virus only sparked a crisis that would have arrived anyway. This is because it has been long since machines took over the material work and since computers/AI took over the structured knowledge-based work such as robotic controls, data analysis...

/ 11. März 2021

Wie das Evangelium im Zeitalter der Wissensarbeit eine neue Chance bekommt

Abstract [en]: In the future, work will mainly be work on the human being and work with knowledge between humans. Productivity, here, will depend on co-operation, mental health, values, and culture. Thereby, faith returns to be the focal point of societal development, but it also has repercussions for the churches....

/ 4. März 2021

Gutes Handeln und gute Geschäfte

Ulrich Hemel zum Buch von Klaus Leisinger (2020): Integrität im geschäftlichen Handeln. Basel: Friedrich Reinhardt. Gutes Handeln und gute Geschäfte get pdf: Gutes Handeln und gute Geschäfte Leisinger, Klaus (2020): Integrität im geschäftlichen Handeln. Basel [u.a.]: Friedrich Reinhardt, 432 Seiten. Klaus Leisinger hat sich in der wirtschaftsethischen Szene nicht zuletzt...

/ 18. Februar 2021

Die WerteAkademie – ein Akteur der Globalen Zivilgesellschaft

Abstract [en]: Who is part of civil society? In conversation with Vera Hofmann we portray the association WerteAkademie Gut Gödelitz as an actor of global civil society. The conversation focuses on the association's founding history, its aims, work and challenges for the future. Abstract [de]: Wer gehört eigentlich zur Zivilgesellschaft? In dem Gespräch...

/ 11. Februar 2021