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Der Forschungsschwerpunkt ‚Digitalisierung & KI‘ vereint Auseinandersetzungen mit Veränderungen der Arbeits- und Lebenswelt aufgrund digitaler und technologischer Entwicklungen.

nach der Corona-Krise

Warum es nach der Corona-Krise um den Menschen hinter der Technik geht

Abstract [en]: Even before Covid the economy has been unstable. The virus only sparked a crisis that would have arrived anyway. This is because it has been long since machines took over the material work and since computers/AI took over the structured knowledge-based work such as robotic controls, data analysis...

/ 11. März 2021
Künstliche Intelligenz

KI: Schöne neue Welt oder Gefahr für die Demokratie?

Abstract [en]: Opportunities and risks of the technological possibilities, which are termed artificial intelligence (AI), arouse not only interest and enthusiasm, but also uncertainty and fears. AI is perceived not only as a technical support and assistance system, but also as a competitor to human intelligence. People fear that they...

/ 11. Februar 2021

neue Publikation: Kritik der digitalen Vernunft

Das neue Buch von Ulrich Hemel Kritik der digitalen Vernunft. Warum Humanität der Maßstab sein muss ist nun beim Verlag Herder erschienen. Kritik der digitalen Vernunft Warum Humanität der Maßstab sein muss get pdf: Kritik der digitalen Vernunft_Inhaltsverzeichnis, Vorwort, Kap. 1 [Auszug] Vorwort Die digitale Transformation verändert unser Leben. Als...

/ 7. September 2020

Die Zukunft der Arbeit, digitale Transformation und Werteorientierung

Abstract [en]: Digital Transformation is rapidly gaining speed, also due to the Covid-19 pandemia. Changes in the field of labor, different from early fears, will not lead to the disappearance of work but to a change, partly in a rapid pace. This means that professional qualification on the job will be more...

/ 12. Juni 2020

Transparenzsicherheit und die Kontrollrichtung digitaler Öffentlichkeit

Abstract [en]: In this short essay, I ask if the technical possibilities of surveillance inherent in most digital communication question the direction of control the public sphere exercises. Specifically, I argue that the current state of digital transparency endangers the capacity of the public to control its representatives. Based on...

/ 24. März 2020

Was ist Digitalisierung?

Abstract [en]: What is digitalisation?Digitalisation. It seems clear to everyone what that means. But is it really? Digitalisation is the process of capturing digital data, online transfer of information and automatic processing of big data using algorithms, but also judgement by artificial intelligence which economise and even legitimize the right...

/ 9. März 2020

Auslaufmodell Mensch?

Ulrich Hemel in der Mittelbayerischen Zeitung vom 08. November 2017 in der Rubrik 'Meinung': Künstliche Intelligenz stellt unser Selbstbild in Frage. Das erfordert neue Antworten. November 2017 Auslaufmodell Mensch? get pdf: Auslaufmodell Mensch? Read More

/ 4. November 2017