Schlagwort: Konflikt

samtene Revolution

Die „samtene Revolution“ in Armenien. Wie Russland den armenischen „Maidan“ akzeptierte

Abstract [en]: The Armenian velvet revolution was at first sight a surprise for all experts on Russia and her dealings with the succession states of the Soviet Union. Until nowadays the Kremlin was always prone to engage in the wheeling and dealing of bordering states which considered it to be...

/ 18. Juni 2018
Berg Karabach

Der Berg Karabach-Konflikt: Hat der Frieden noch eine Chance?

Abstract [en]: On April 2, 2016 armed conflict on a very considerable scale erupted between the internationally not recognized Republic of Nagorny - Karabakh and Azerbaijan. Since the truce agreement of 1994 these hostilities were without any precedence, both sides bewailed dozens of dead and wounded soldiers and civilians. Although a...

/ 17. Mai 2016