Schlagwort: Kultur


Kultursensible Führung in Non-Profit-Organisationen

Abstract [en]: This paper is about culture-sensitive leadership in non-profit organizations with special focus on the German children and youth...

/ 17. August 2022

Kultur und Freiheit in einer digitalen Welt

Abstract [en]: The effects of digital communication on culture is a challenge of its own. As in many other cases,...

/ 6. November 2019

El arte como fenómeno político: una mirada a la obra de Ai WeiWei

Abstract [en] This article analyzes art as a political phenomenon, and how this form of expression has the power to...

/ 26. Februar 2018

Was bedeutet interkulturelle, was bedeutet interreligiöse Kompetenz? – Ein Literaturbericht

Abstract [en]: In the „Definition: Interreligious Competence – Intercultural Competence“ concepts are introduced to this from the departments like the...

/ 19. Mai 2017

Das Quartier als Ressource am Beispiel des Widerstands der Comunidade Vila Autódromo gegen die Stadtplanungspolitik Rio de Janeiros

Abstract [en]: The aim of the following work is to discuss the impact of recent city planning politics on neighbourhoods...