Schlagwort: Kultur


Kultursensible Führung in Non-Profit-Organisationen

Abstract [en]: This paper is about culture-sensitive leadership in non-profit organizations with special focus on the German children and youth welfare system. The underlying research question investigates the personal traits, competencies and abilities that team leaders of that sector need in dealing with employees which do not have the same...

/ 17. August 2022

Kultur und Freiheit in einer digitalen Welt

Abstract [en]: The effects of digital communication on culture is a challenge of its own. As in many other cases, it is highly ambivalent: It creates better access and enlarges potential audiences for high-end culture such as paintings, music and others. On the other hand, digital experience is definitely different...

/ 6. November 2019

El arte como fenómeno político: una mirada a la obra de Ai WeiWei

Abstract [en] This article analyzes art as a political phenomenon, and how this form of expression has the power to affect people’s perceptions of the speech, the power of the media and activism. In order to achieve this, the research will focus on Ai WeiWei’s work. The purpose of this...

/ 26. Februar 2018

Was bedeutet interkulturelle, was bedeutet interreligiöse Kompetenz? – Ein Literaturbericht

Abstract [en]: In the „Definition: Interreligious Competence – Intercultural Competence“ concepts are introduced to this from the departments like the religious educational theory and intercultural educational theory/social work. Thus occurs from religious-educational perspective beside religious competence also the representation of interreligious competence and intercultural competence of different authors. The latter...

/ 19. Mai 2017

Das Quartier als Ressource am Beispiel des Widerstands der Comunidade Vila Autódromo gegen die Stadtplanungspolitik Rio de Janeiros

Abstract [en]: The aim of the following work is to discuss the impact of recent city planning politics on neighbourhoods in Rio de Janeiro. Starting with the question of the role that neighbourhood can play as a resource for its inhabitants, it discusses the case of the communidade Vila Autódromo...