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Transnational agierende globale Zivilgesellschaft. Messbarkeit, Indizes und ihre Grenzen

Abstract [en]: Measuring civil society is a challenge, but is done nevertheless over and over again, e.g. to judge the...

Grenzen als Orte der Verbindung – der Einfluss breit zugänglicher Infrastruktur

Abstract [en] Borders are places of exchanges but of separation, too. In many cases the perspective in media or from...

/ 26. Februar 2018

Gelebte Heterogenität oder die normative Suche nach Ordnung? – Möglichkeitsformen globaler Zivilgesellschaft

Abstract [en]: Heterogeneity is a lived reality - but not all is judged the same way. Looking at social inequality...


Pluralität und Einheit

  Abstract [en]: We found polarization both a threat and a chance for civil society, depending how it is taken....

/ 3. April 2017

Grenzen der Zivilgesellschaft

Abstract [en]: Civil Society is a term hard to define. The Institute of Social Strategy follows a very broad definition...

/ 27. März 2015