Schlagwort: USA-Mexiko


Transnational agierende globale Zivilgesellschaft. Messbarkeit, Indizes und ihre Grenzen

Abstract [en]: Measuring civil society is a challenge, but is done nevertheless over and over again, e.g. to judge the democracy of a country. But for this civil society is always conceptualized as something national. Facing the importance of a global civil society and its transnational character, as shown here...

Grenzen als Orte der Verbindung – der Einfluss breit zugänglicher Infrastruktur

Abstract [en] Borders are places of exchanges but of separation, too. In many cases the perspective in media or from far away shows a different picture of the situation at a specific border, than you can experience at the border itself. This will be shown and discussed here looking at...

/ 26. Februar 2018

Gelebte Heterogenität oder die normative Suche nach Ordnung? – Möglichkeitsformen globaler Zivilgesellschaft

Abstract [en]: Heterogeneity is a lived reality - but not all is judged the same way. Looking at social inequality in Mexico and the USA it can be seen how on the one side sexism and racism keep on existing in plural heterogen societies, but on the other side there...


Pluralität und Einheit

  Abstract [en]: We found polarization both a threat and a chance for civil society, depending how it is taken. But this is linked to one of the core questions about civil society, especially global society – the question of its unity. Thinking about increasing polarization it is a challenge...

/ 3. April 2017

Grenzen der Zivilgesellschaft

Abstract [en]: Civil Society is a term hard to define. The Institute of Social Strategy follows a very broad definition and only excludes the State and organized crime. Nevertheless, boundaries in real life are fluid and sometimes blurry… Abstract [de]: Zivilgesellschaft ist ein Term dessen Abgrenzungen nicht klar zu setzen...

/ 27. März 2015