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Amerika schaut in einen Spiegel

Abstract [en]: The rise of Donald Trump and the Capitol attack of 2021 can only be understood as the endpoint of a political development that began in 1968 and has dominated the media and culture over the past 30 years, according to Bruno Heidlberger's thesis. They are, so Heidlberger, a...

/ 17. Mai 2021

Das Konzept der Meinungsäußerungsfreiheit in der U.S. Verfassung. Dargestellt anhand von Urteilen der U.S. Gerichtsbarkeit zum First Amendment

Abstract [en]: Freedom of speech is a necessary precondition for democratic public discourse. Meanwhile governments regularly present themselves in the frame of bilateral relations with another state entitiy as ardent supporters of this cardinal right. In order to present its core philosophy, the First Amentment which was attached to the...

/ 18. Oktober 2018

General Electric – eine lange Geschichte manageristischer Hybris

Abstract [en]: This article is a statement of managerism for which General Electric (GE) is an icon. At the heart of the criticism is a management driven exclusively by capital requirements, which experienced more than a quarter of a century, a sinister, broad imitation. Abstract [de]: Dieser Beitrag ist eine Abrechnung...

/ 12. Juli 2018

Gesellschaftliche und politische Polarisierung

Abstract [en] Polarization isn’t just a challenge for politics, it is a challenge for many democratic societies. And it is a topic that questions much we hoped about civil society, within state borders and on a global scope. There are referenda and elections with results many thought would never happen. Taken...

/ 17. März 2017

Three take-aways from Trump’s epic win, and a fourth as a bonus to EU

Abstract [en]: For many, Donald Trump’s election came as a surprise. Yet, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if one observes the base of international news media in the US: Washington D.C. or California or New York. Most of the media felt like they were talking for the entire country....

/ 13. November 2016
Hometown Associations

Hometown Associations

Abstract [de]: Gerade in den USA finden sie sich, Hometown Associations, Verbindungen von Migrant_innen aus der selben Stadt, Gemeinde oder Region, die sich verbinden, um mit ihrer Herkunftsgemeinde in Verbindung zu bleiben und diese zu unterstützen. Dabei gibt es quasi keine Grenzen dieses Konzeptes, tausende solcher Vereinigungen gibt es in...

/ 13. September 2014