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The promise of a global ethic in the Brazilian contexto

Abstract [en]: This article intends to confront the main principles in the global ethic project and the current data about social performance in Brazil, analysing the possible solutions for social challenges in the country by considering the premises of a global ethic philosophy. Based on the postulate of the golden...

/ 11. August 2020

Gentrifizierung und ‚Recht auf Stadt’ in Salvador de Bahía

Abstract [en]: After the boom of tourism beginning in the 1960s, people regarded the historic Old Town of Brazil's metropolis Salvador de Bahía as an ideal means for making massive profits. The following redevelopment measures led to a boom as desired but at the expense of the local society from...

/ 10. November 2016
Belo Monte

Proteste zum Staudammbau „Belo Monte“ in Brasilien

Abstract [en]: Brazil is a leading country in renewable energies. Hydropower occupies the main part of the energy supply of the country. Nevertheless, it is precisely the construction of large dam project, as is exemplified by the hydroelectric power plant Belo Monte, which is accompanied by massive socio-ecological conflicts. The...

/ 27. April 2016

Brasiliens Herausforderungen im Lichte struktureller Sackgassen

Abstract [en]: Brazil’s Lava Jato scandal is more than just a mere corruption scandal involving alleged kickbacks at oil giant Petrobras. It has snowballed into a social crisis; an economic crisis as the scandal’s impact on investment drags Brazil deeper into stagflation; and a political crisis for President Dilma Rousseff. The...


Gated Communities in Brasilien

Abstract [en]: More than 70% of the Brazilian population lives in cities, the centres of Brazilian society. Cities are the reflection of society, of processes and structures of social circumstances. The socio-spatial separation is remarkable: On the one hand, there are the often discussed poor districts (‘favelas’), on the other...

/ 17. November 2015