(Globale) Zivilgesellschaft in Zeiten der Exekutive

Abstract [en]: COVID-19 leat to radical measures and a shift of politics towards executive action. Linked was a shift in discourses, especially those linked to human rights. As the executive actors can govern in democratically at least on the long run problematic ways, one human right is put before all...

/ 7. Mai 2020

Companies as Part of Civil Society

Abstract [en]: As societal expectations towards company values increased over time, there is an ongoing discussion about the role of companies in civil society. Therefore, this paper briefly defines basic concepts like values, ethics and civil society and analyzes Merck’s actions, their code of conduct and corporate responsibility report. Conducting a small-scale ethical evaluation rating according...

/ 30. April 2020

Rezension: En movimiento. Una vida (Oliver Sacks)

Dieser Beitrag ist Teil unserer Literaturecke: Dort veröffentlichen wir Kurzrezensionen und Literaturtipps unserer Mitarbeiter_innen und Verbundenen. Felipe Gallego rezensiert den Roman von Oliver Sacks. Sobre: En movimiento. Una vida (Oliver Sacks) get pdf: Rezension Felipe Gallego über Oliver Sacks Sacks, Oliver (2015): En movimiento. Una vida. Anagrama. [Roman] Oliver Sacks fue...

/ 16. April 2020

Was ist Wahrheit?

Abstract [en]: What is Truth? The world as a place capable of truth and the challenge of global ethics for living together in peace Especially in a time of hypes around fake news, we have to ask the question if there is something like "truth". There cannot be any reference to...

/ 9. April 2020

Selbstbestimmtes Leben in der Corona-Krise

April 2020 Selbstbestimmtes Leben in der Corona-Krise Ein Lernprogramm für solidarische Identitätsbildung get pdf: Selbstbestimmtes Leben Krisen haben ganz unterschiedliche Ursachen: Der Zerfall Jugoslawiens nach dem Zusammenbruch des Kommunismus führte zum Bürgerkrieg, die leichtsinnige Kreditvergabe an finanziell schwache Hauskäufer in den USA löste die Finanzkrise 2008/2009 mit ihren „Subprime-Krediten“ aus,...

/ 9. April 2020

Transparenzsicherheit und die Kontrollrichtung digitaler Öffentlichkeit

Abstract [en]: In this short essay, I ask if the technical possibilities of surveillance inherent in most digital communication question the direction of control the public sphere exercises. Specifically, I argue that the current state of digital transparency endangers the capacity of the public to control its representatives. Based on...

/ 24. März 2020

Die Wahlrechtsreform des Deutschen Bundestages

Abstract [en]: Although the Federal Constitutional Court’s ruling in 2012 declared certain parts of the electoral law unconstitutional, the Federal Parliament - despite looming Federal elections in 2021 - did not yet tackle the reform. The parliamentary factions and their political parties are now struggling how to proceed and install...

/ 17. März 2020

Was ist Digitalisierung?

Abstract [en]: What is digitalisation?Digitalisation. It seems clear to everyone what that means. But is it really? Digitalisation is the process of capturing digital data, online transfer of information and automatic processing of big data using algorithms, but also judgement by artificial intelligence which economise and even legitimize the right...

/ 9. März 2020

On the liberation of Auschwitz / Zur Befreiung von Auschwitz

Abstract [en]: On the occasion of the liberation of Auschwitz 75 years ago, Sergey Kuniavsky writes about his personal desire to be normal; and the question of forgiveness and oblivion. Abstract [de]: Sergey Kuniavsky schreibt anlässlich der Befreiung von Auschwitz vor 75 Jahren über seinen persönlichen Wunsch des Normal-Seins und...

/ 27. Januar 2020

Violence in Bolivia in October and November 2019

Resumen [es]: Violentas protestas caracterizan Bolivia actualmente. Las razones parecen claras – todo esto es relacionado con la elección de octubre y la dimisión de Evo Morales. Pero esto solo describe la superficie, tenemos que mirar que estar detrás. Así podemos entender que la sociedad de Bolivia es dividida y que...

/ 30. November 2019