Institute of Social Strategy, Tubingen. 24. June 2024 18:00 CET. Online.

The use of drones and the expansion of aspects of human-machine interaction necessitate the search for ethical guidelines for both drone operators and society in their use. Which values can be made constant, and which ones will have to be reconsidered? Where will this new level of interaction between humans and machines lead us? What social strategies can be developed to manage UAVs? What will the emergence of swarms of UAVs and swarm-intelligence mean for society as a whole? These and other questions will be the subject of discussion at the workshop. 

Roundtable participants:

18:00-18:20 – Ethical Problems of Human-Machine Interaction Hemel Ulrich (Dr. dr. dr. Prof. Director of Global Ethic Institute, Editor of Journal of Social Strategy). 

18:20-18:35 – We Kill Because We Can: From Soldiering to Assassination in the Drone Age (Laurie Calhoun, philosopher, The Independent Institute, Oakland, California, USA).

18:40-18:55 – How Do Drones Change International Relationships?  Won-June Hwang (Department of Security Policy Korea National Defense University) 

19:00-19:15 – The Ethics of Drone Warfare  (Aleksandar Fatic, PhD, Professor at University of Belgrade, Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory) 

19:15-19:30 – Skysight City Drone Roleplay: Reflecting Drone Regulation (Matschke R. Centre for Philosophy and AI Research at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität)

19:30 – 19:40 – Training of Drone Operators and Ethical Values: from the Methods to the Training Program (Goncharov V. Dr. Institute of Social Strategy, Global Ethics Ambassador)

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Materials and Articles for Discussion

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