Schlagwort: Ethik

Digitale Bildung, Datenethik und die Zukunft der Zivilgesellschaft

Abstract [en]: The digital transformation is having a significant impact on education. Especially the new AI chatbots like ChatGPT lead to controversial debates about what the future of education will probably look like. The following article argues that digital education should not be reduced to technical innovations in educational institutions...

/ 11. Juli 2023

Unternehmensverantwortung in der Lieferkette

Abstract [en]: This pilot-study analyzes the human rights responsibilities of business in global supply chains, in particular binding legal regulation. The adoption of a supply chain law in Germany does not simply mark the end point of a longer development, it also signals the beginning of a new dynamic. Against...

/ 25. November 2022

Tagungsbericht: „Wissenschaft als Teil der Zivilgesellschaft“

Abstract [en]: Recent epochal events, such as the pandemic, natural disasters, climate change, global migration movements motivated by hunger, scarcity of resources, lack of life prospects and, last but not least, a terrible war of aggression, have disproved previous certainties in a devastating way. What can science and civil society...

/ 22. September 2022

Ethische Aspekte des assistierten Suizids

Abstract [en]: Different European societies pursue different approaches when it comes to the issue of assisted suicide. To ensure social cohesion, a solution is needed that accounts for the various conflicting positions. To achieve this, it is useful to, in turn, learn about basics of ethical argumentation and to apply...

/ 19. Juli 2022

Unbürokratische Impfpflicht? Von wegen! – Vol. 2

Abstract [en]: "Who counts as vaccinated?" - Mandatory vaccination presupposes a sustainable definition of the status "vaccinated". In addition to the medical dimension of "being vaccinated", i.e. the protection of people against infection and serious illness, the legal status of "vaccinated" would play an increasingly important role in the discussions around mandatory vaccination. On...

/ 8. Februar 2022

Vom Defizitmodell des Menschen zur digitalen Humanität

Abstract [en]: Humanity is currently facing a huge transformation towards a digital-analogue, hybrid form of existence. While the difference between humans and animals used to be the subject of philosophical reflection, nowadays, the distinction between humans and artificial intelligence is the fundamental question. In comparison to the widespread deficit model...

/ 9. Dezember 2021

The promise of a global ethic in the Brazilian contexto

Abstract [en]: This article intends to confront the main principles in the global ethic project and the current data about social performance in Brazil, analysing the possible solutions for social challenges in the country by considering the premises of a global ethic philosophy. Based on the postulate of the golden...

/ 11. August 2020

Was ist Digitalisierung?

Abstract [en]: What is digitalisation?Digitalisation. It seems clear to everyone what that means. But is it really? Digitalisation is the process of capturing digital data, online transfer of information and automatic processing of big data using algorithms, but also judgement by artificial intelligence which economise and even legitimize the right...

/ 9. März 2020

Ethische Reflexionen im Spiegel des Digitalen Zeitalters

Abstract [en]: In the age of digitization, a huge transformation process is taking place. The example of smartphone users illustrates what can be expected: numbers of users will rise to 3.1 billion in 2021 [1].  The change brings with it new, unforeseeable opportunities, but also risks of a scale not...

/ 1. April 2019

Angst vor Kontrollverlust in einer veränderten Welt

Abstract [en]: In a world with an enormous speed of change, people are exposed to fears of losing control over their own lives. For the origins of populist movements, the feeling of “loss of control” shows better empirical evidence than some economic and political arguments such as a rising gap...

/ 28. Februar 2019