The inaugural First Inclusivity Index Conference will take place on March 6, 2024 from
16.00-18.00 where we will explore the multifaceted dimensions of inclusive development
and human-dignity-based globalization through the lens of the Inclusivity Index project.
This hybrid event combines in-person participation at the Global Ethic Institute (Weltethos-Institut) in Tübingen
with virtual access via ZOOM.

  • General Presentation: Prof. Ulrich Hemel introduces the Inclusivity Index project, its
    methodology, and significance.
  • Applications: Experts present real-world applications, including combating corruption,
    visualization techniques, and initiatives in Latin America*.
  • Partnerships: Explore potential collaborations with UNIAPAC, Vatican, ILO, and UNESCO.
  • Structured Discussion: Engage in conversations on project development and future

Please, register on the Webpage of Project INCLUSIVE DEVELOPMENT FOR A GLOBALIZATION WITH HUMAN DIGNITY by Global Ethic Institute. or by contacting Cornelia Kress (

*Guest speakers and experts will deliver presentations on relevant topics:

  • Nurzat Koenig: Best Practice Fighting Against Corruption – Nurzat will share valuable insights and
    strategies for combating corruption, drawing from successful practices and experiences.
  • Valeriy Goncharov: Visualization of the Inclusivity Index – Valeriy will present innovative approaches
    to visually representing the Inclusivity Index, making complex data more accessible and
  • Alberto Equihua: Regional Implementation of Inclusive Development in Latin America – Alberto will
    discuss the regional dynamics and challenges of implementing inclusive development initiatives in
    Latin America, offering practical perspectives and solutions.
  • Rodrigo Whitelaw: Inclusivity Index for Institutional Partnerships – Rodrigo will explore the application of the Inclusivity Index in fostering partnerships with key institutions such as the Vatican, ILO, and UNESCO, highlighting opportunities for collaboration and mutual benefit.

Posted by Valeriy Goncharov