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Hannah Arendt

Wie aktuell ist Hannah Arendt?

Abstract [en]: Hannah Arendt (1906-1975) has long since gone from being a controversial thinker to a classic of modern political theory - a theory that drew on the experiences of flight and statelessness and at the same time anticipated central phenomena of the 21st century. There are many lines that...

/ 24. September 2021

Fluchten ins Autoritäre im Lichte aktueller Entwicklungen

Abstract [en]: In early March, Covid-19 had a tight grip on us. The world was standing still. The stock markets plummeted. Once the state of shock and lockdown eased, topics soon encompassed more than the daily reports of the RKI. Bruno Heidlberger analysises and discusses the debate that followed and which focused on an...

/ 20. Juli 2020

A Brexit view from the standpoint of an English person living in Germany

September 2019 A Brexit view from the standpoint of an English person living in Germany get pdf: A Brexit View from the standpoint of an English person living in Germany It is worrying and frustrating to be a witness to the chaos and divisive events and uncertain times as well...

/ 25. September 2019

Angst vor Kontrollverlust in einer veränderten Welt

Abstract [en]: In a world with an enormous speed of change, people are exposed to fears of losing control over their own lives. For the origins of populist movements, the feeling of “loss of control” shows better empirical evidence than some economic and political arguments such as a rising gap...

/ 28. Februar 2019

Korea, das verschlossene Land. Erlebnisse und Einordnungen

Abstract [de]: Die Zeitspanne zur gegenseitigen Totalvernichtung zwischen Nord- und Südkorea beträgt fünf Minuten. Autor Günter Ederer ist ein langjähriger Begleiter der koreanischen Nachkriegs-Geschichte und Zeitzeuge. In diesem umfangreichen Beitrag beschreibt er das zwiespältige Verhältnis der USA zu beiden Teilen Koreas und warnt vor überzogenen Erwartungen. Wer verstehen will, worüber...

/ 26. Juni 2018
Sustainable Development Goals

Quality Education, UN Sustainable Development Goals and the financial sector. The traditional financial sector, FinTechs and their contribution to the attainment of the UN-SDG Nr. 4

Abstract [en]: Framed by the context of globalization and digitization, quality education has to entail digital and financial literacy as key components purporting statistical thinking. Quoting H.G. Well: “the ability to deal with risk and uncertainty will be as necessary for efficient citizenship in a modern technological world as the...


BKU: Neue Regierung muss Perspektiven für junge Menschen entwickeln – Artikel in ‚Die Tagespost‘ am 12. März 2018

Artikel in 'Die Tagespost' am 12. März 2018: BKU - Neue Regierung muss Perspektiven für junge Menschen entwickeln. Read More

/ 12. März 2018

El arte como fenómeno político: una mirada a la obra de Ai WeiWei

Abstract [en] This article analyzes art as a political phenomenon, and how this form of expression has the power to affect people’s perceptions of the speech, the power of the media and activism. In order to achieve this, the research will focus on Ai WeiWei’s work. The purpose of this...

/ 26. Februar 2018

Die Information der Öffentlichkeit durch die parlamentarischen Fraktionen

Abstract [en] Information policy is considered an essential part of a truly democratic culture. The factions of the Federal German Parliament and the Federal German Government provide substantial financial means for the purpose of informing its citizens about political concepts. While governmental information policy found itself in the center of...

/ 12. September 2017

Das Quartier als Ressource am Beispiel des Widerstands der Comunidade Vila Autódromo gegen die Stadtplanungspolitik Rio de Janeiros

Abstract [en]: The aim of the following work is to discuss the impact of recent city planning politics on neighbourhoods in Rio de Janeiro. Starting with the question of the role that neighbourhood can play as a resource for its inhabitants, it discusses the case of the communidade Vila Autódromo...