Schlagwort: Digitalisierung

Digitale Bildung, Datenethik und die Zukunft der Zivilgesellschaft

Abstract [en]: The digital transformation is having a significant impact on education. Especially the new AI chatbots like ChatGPT lead to controversial debates about what the future of education will probably look like. The following article argues that digital education should not be reduced to technical innovations in educational institutions...

/ 11. Juli 2023

Technological and digital transition in Europe

Lecture from Ulrich Hemel, Bratislava, 3rd Catholic European Social Days March 19th, 2022 March 2022 Technological and digital transition in Europe - a Challenge for Entrepreneurs and for the Church Let me first of all present my person and my functions and then share a couple of theses with you. My name...

/ 30. März 2022
Christliche Soziallehre

Ist die Christliche Soziallehre in einer digitalen Welt zukunftsfähig?

Abstract [de]: Die ungeheuer schnelle Veränderung aller Lebensverhältnisse im Zug der digitalen Transformation stellt uns vor die Frage nach der Zukunftsfähigkeit der Christlichen Soziallehre. Denn der Verlust von Relevanz und Plausibilität christlicher Sinnangebote in Europa betrifft ja nicht nur religiöse Überzeugungen und die geringer werdende Teilhabe an liturgischen Angeboten, sondern...

/ 21. März 2022

Das Menschenbild in Zeiten digital-globaler Wirtschaft

Abstract [en]: Digitalization and Globalization mean an extensive transformation of Economy and Society. In order not to harm a plenty of human field damage we need a clear idea of man to cope with all of us. In this contribution the author firstly deepens the question why we need an...

/ 12. August 2021

Die Zukunft der Arbeit, digitale Transformation und Werteorientierung

Abstract [en]: Digital Transformation is rapidly gaining speed, also due to the Covid-19 pandemia. Changes in the field of labor, different from early fears, will not lead to the disappearance of work but to a change, partly in a rapid pace. This means that professional qualification on the job will be more...

/ 12. Juni 2020

Transparenzsicherheit und die Kontrollrichtung digitaler Öffentlichkeit

Abstract [en]: In this short essay, I ask if the technical possibilities of surveillance inherent in most digital communication question the direction of control the public sphere exercises. Specifically, I argue that the current state of digital transparency endangers the capacity of the public to control its representatives. Based on...

/ 24. März 2020

Was ist Digitalisierung?

Abstract [en]: What is digitalisation?Digitalisation. It seems clear to everyone what that means. But is it really? Digitalisation is the process of capturing digital data, online transfer of information and automatic processing of big data using algorithms, but also judgement by artificial intelligence which economise and even legitimize the right...

/ 9. März 2020

Kultur und Freiheit in einer digitalen Welt

Abstract [en]: The effects of digital communication on culture is a challenge of its own. As in many other cases, it is highly ambivalent: It creates better access and enlarges potential audiences for high-end culture such as paintings, music and others. On the other hand, digital experience is definitely different...

/ 6. November 2019

Rezension: ‚Hello World‘ (Hannah Fry)

Dieser Beitrag ist Teil unserer Literaturecke: Dort veröffentlichen wir Kurzrezensionen und Literaturtipps unserer Mitarbeiter_innen und Verbundenen. Oliver Bülchmann rezensiert die Monographie von Hannah Fry, Über: „Hello World“ – Was Algorithmen können und wie sie unser Leben verändern. get pdf: Rezension von Oliver Bülchmann über Hannah Fry Fry, Hannah (2019). Hello...

/ 16. Juni 2019

Ethische Reflexionen im Spiegel des Digitalen Zeitalters

Abstract [en]: In the age of digitization, a huge transformation process is taking place. The example of smartphone users illustrates what can be expected: numbers of users will rise to 3.1 billion in 2021 [1].  The change brings with it new, unforeseeable opportunities, but also risks of a scale not...

/ 1. April 2019