Schlagwort: Zivilgesellschaft

Eine europäische Zivilgesellschaft?

Abstract [en]: Based on different institutional formats for international youth exchanges, this contribution develops the idea of a "European Youth Foundation" to bundle and promote different civil society initiatives in the field of youth exchange programs and youth participation. The argument aims that for an active and sustainable Europe there...

/ 5. Juni 2020

Companies as Part of Civil Society

Abstract [en]: As societal expectations towards company values increased over time, there is an ongoing discussion about the role of companies in civil society. Therefore, this paper briefly defines basic concepts like values, ethics and civil society and analyzes Merck’s actions, their code of conduct and corporate responsibility report. Conducting a small-scale ethical evaluation rating according...

/ 30. April 2020

Gesellschaftliche und politische Polarisierung

Abstract [en] Polarization isn’t just a challenge for politics, it is a challenge for many democratic societies. And it is a topic that questions much we hoped about civil society, within state borders and on a global scope. There are referenda and elections with results many thought would never happen. Taken...

/ 17. März 2017
Belo Monte

Proteste zum Staudammbau „Belo Monte“ in Brasilien

Abstract [en]: Brazil is a leading country in renewable energies. Hydropower occupies the main part of the energy supply of the country. Nevertheless, it is precisely the construction of large dam project, as is exemplified by the hydroelectric power plant Belo Monte, which is accompanied by massive socio-ecological conflicts. The...

/ 27. April 2016

Transition von organisierter Kriminalität zu globaler Zivilgesellschaft

Abstract [en]: What do have a Colorado, USA, businessman, a drug dealer from Mexico and the president of Uruguay in common?  Civil society isn’t a concept with a definition accepted by all. Deciding where it begins or ends is often hard. Distinctions are never static, we always find transitions and...

/ 27. Juli 2015

Grenzen der Zivilgesellschaft

Abstract [en]: Civil Society is a term hard to define. The Institute of Social Strategy follows a very broad definition and only excludes the State and organized crime. Nevertheless, boundaries in real life are fluid and sometimes blurry… Abstract [de]: Zivilgesellschaft ist ein Term dessen Abgrenzungen nicht klar zu setzen...

/ 27. März 2015

Staatliche Rahmen oder staatliche Grenzen zivilgesellschaftlichen Handelns?

Abstract [en]: All civil agents have to deal with a national framework, on which their options for acting are dependent. Ecuador is a case study, as shown by the author, where State regulations sometimes go as far as to effectively limit the activities of civil society… Abstract [de]: Alle zivilgesellschaftlichen...

/ 27. Januar 2015

Digitale Globale Zivilgesellschaft zur Vernetzung von Minderheitenrechten?

Abstract [de]: Ziel dieser Studie ist es, Digitaler Globaler Zivilgesellschaft nachzuspüren. Dies geschieht an Hand einer Falluntersuchung in den südamerikanischen Anden von Ecuador über Peru bis Chile. Dabei handelt es sich um einen empirisch vergleichenden Ansatz auf Basis einer Netzwerkanalyse zivilgesellschaftlicher Akteur_innen. Untersucht werden sich selbst so fassende indigene Minderheiten,...

/ 20. Januar 2015

Islamistischer Extremismus

Abstract [de]: Islamistischer Extremismus ist eine weltweit vorhandene Gefahr, die nach wie vor eine hochbrisante Thematik ist und eine wachsende Anzahl an Unterstützern findet. Erklä- rungsversuche fokussieren meist einen starken, einseitigen Einfluss von ideologischen Komponenten. Hierbei soll die ideologisch-religiöse Wirkung keinesfalls vernachlässigt werden, sondern um Wirkungen sozialer Mechanismen in Radikalisierungs-...

/ 20. Dezember 2014

Globale Zivilgesellschaft und die Religion:Glück, Leistung, Gnade

Abstract [en]: Religion, or religious affiliation, evolves in a specific form of life and action within all societies. Looking at the danger of a failing respect for each other, the Author analyzes several constellations such as a dominant State (which means persecution of at least one religion), repressive religion (which...

/ 11. Januar 2014