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The promise of a global ethic in the Brazilian contexto

Abstract [en]: This article intends to confront the main principles in the global ethic project and the current data about social performance in Brazil, analysing the possible solutions for social challenges in the country by considering the premises of a global ethic philosophy. Based on the postulate of the golden...

/ 11. August 2020

Vom Eigentum 3.0

Abstract [en]: Globalization and Digitalization intensify conflicts over resources and participation. In a world increasingly experienced as finite, the concept of property changes its character. The concept of property, based on the idea that one can attach value to everything in euros, dollars or yuan, is losing its appeal, especially...

/ 24. Januar 2019

Bericht über die staatenlosen Muslime in Assam

Abstract [en]: A humanitarian catastrophe threatens in the Northeast Indian state Assam, which is hardly known to the public. Four million people, most of them Muslims, have been declared stateless and deprived of their civil rights. Childaid Network's goal is to increase awareness of the situation of the people in...

/ 21. September 2018

Zur Epochenaufgabe: „Wir müssen miteinander leben lernen!“ (Freya von Moltke)

Abstract [en]: We have to learn to live together – in the horizon of our common home, our planet Earth. Dreessen investigates in this essay the origins of this epochal task (Freya von Moltke) in response to the prevailing technical renewal and their rationalistic misuse of language. In William James, Rosenstock-Huessy...

/ 12. Juli 2018

Digitale Transformation in der Sozialen Arbeit am Beispiel des Betreuten Wohnens

Abstract [en]: In assisted living establishments handicapped persons, adolescents and elderly people are taken care of. With regard of their personal questions they are represented by custodians. Hence, they literally often have no direct decision-making authority. The social care system must be financed and economical questions have to be addressed....

/ 29. Mai 2018

Die Papst Franziskus Formel. Ein neuer Zugang zum Dritten Weg der Katholischen Soziallehre

Abstract [en]: Since many years in Argentina Pope Francis has developed and successfully used his very personal method to build up a people. As does Catholic Social Teaching he embraces a middle path between the ideologies and inserts the positive elements into a third way approach. His specific bipolar opposites...

/ 30. April 2018

Grenzen als Orte der Verbindung – der Einfluss breit zugänglicher Infrastruktur

Abstract [en] Borders are places of exchanges but of separation, too. In many cases the perspective in media or from far away shows a different picture of the situation at a specific border, than you can experience at the border itself. This will be shown and discussed here looking at...

/ 26. Februar 2018
Sustainable Development Goals

Die UN Sustainable Development Goals – Ein Auftrag an die Zivilgesellschaft?

Abstract [en] Regarding the direction of global development there are aims agreed upon by the UN and therefore by the countries of the planet. These are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs.). These 17 Goals should be achieved until 2030. But what ist he link and connection between the SDGd? And...

/ 6. November 2017

Das Quartier als Ressource am Beispiel des Widerstands der Comunidade Vila Autódromo gegen die Stadtplanungspolitik Rio de Janeiros

Abstract [en]: The aim of the following work is to discuss the impact of recent city planning politics on neighbourhoods in Rio de Janeiro. Starting with the question of the role that neighbourhood can play as a resource for its inhabitants, it discusses the case of the communidade Vila Autódromo...


Gelebte Heterogenität oder die normative Suche nach Ordnung? – Möglichkeitsformen globaler Zivilgesellschaft

Abstract [en]: Heterogeneity is a lived reality - but not all is judged the same way. Looking at social inequality in Mexico and the USA it can be seen how on the one side sexism and racism keep on existing in plural heterogen societies, but on the other side there...