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Human Fraternity, Human Sisterhood and Social Friendship from a Global Ethic Perspective

“Global Ethic” does not mean that people have to change their religion. They should follow their own path of religious...

/ 14. Mai 2024

Sind wirtschaftliche Voraussagen überhaupt möglich?

Abstract [en]: Because of the stormy innovative evolution in microeconomic relations all the macroeconomic forecasts are extremely risky. Only some...

/ 22. November 2022

Ethische Aspekte des assistierten Suizids

Abstract [en]: Different European societies pursue different approaches when it comes to the issue of assisted suicide. To ensure social...

/ 19. Juli 2022

Ein Internet-Sozialfonds für digital tätige Soloselbständige

April 2022 [Skip to English Version] Ein Internet-Sozialfonds für digital tätige Soloselbständige Plattformökonomie braucht soziale Verantwortung Das Internet und die...

/ 20. April 2022

The promise of a global ethic in the Brazilian contexto

Abstract [en]: This article intends to confront the main principles in the global ethic project and the current data about...

/ 11. August 2020

Vom Eigentum 3.0

Abstract [en]: Globalization and Digitalization intensify conflicts over resources and participation. In a world increasingly experienced as finite, the concept...

/ 24. Januar 2019

Bericht über die staatenlosen Muslime in Assam

Abstract [en]: A humanitarian catastrophe threatens in the Northeast Indian state Assam, which is hardly known to the public. Four...

/ 21. September 2018

Zur Epochenaufgabe: „Wir müssen miteinander leben lernen!“ (Freya von Moltke)

Abstract [en]: We have to learn to live together – in the horizon of our common home, our planet Earth....

/ 12. Juli 2018

Digitale Transformation in der Sozialen Arbeit am Beispiel des Betreuten Wohnens

Abstract [en]: In assisted living establishments handicapped persons, adolescents and elderly people are taken care of. With regard of their...

/ 29. Mai 2018

Die Papst Franziskus Formel. Ein neuer Zugang zum Dritten Weg der Katholischen Soziallehre

Abstract [en]: Since many years in Argentina Pope Francis has developed and successfully used his very personal method to build...

/ 30. April 2018